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The Your Eye Care Team clinics accept a wide variety of medical insurances (e.g., Medicare, United Health Care, Humana, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc.) and several vision benefit plans (e.g., EyeMed, VSP and Superior Vision). Please note: we may not accept every plan from each of these companies; please contact us with details for verification.

To clear up some of the confusion that surrounds insurance, we verify eligibility for every patient prior to his or her visit to our office as a courtesy. While it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to understand his or her coverage and benefits, we work hard to help you navigate the insurance maze. For that reason, please be sure to have your insurance information (both medical and vision coverage) available when contacting our offices.

We also offer an inhouse, direct-to-businesses discount program for both services (exams) and materials (eyeglasses). We partner with local small to medium sized businesses to allow them to bring discounted vision care to their employees at no cost to the employee or the business. To learn more about the ClearVision Savings Program, please click the links below.

Annual Vision Exams vs. Medical Eye Exams – What’s the Difference??

Many commercial insurance plans through employers offer benefits of an annual or biannual eye exam through a vision benefit plan “rider” that provides for a vision exam. Some medical insurance covers an annual eye exam without a vision rider and other medical insurance does not cover a comprehensive eye examination at all. Yes, we know this is confusing (but these are the insurance companies’ rules, not ours)! In today’s post, we will explain the various exams, the benefits covered and when each of the benefits apply.

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